What should be paid attention to when transplanting machine

2019-03-21 17:14:18


During the planting process, the transplanter is a commonly used mechanical product. When the planting is finished, we need to store the planter. In order to make the machine meet the good requirements during storage, its performance is not damaged, we need to pay attention to some of its storage requirements, including three aspects:

1)First, before storage, first of all, the dust inside and outside the planter, some dirt, grain and other debris should be cleaned to avoid the reaction of these substances with the surface of the machine during storage.

2)Second, the painter's frame, cover, etc. should be brushed and painted in the place where the patent leather is removed. These parts are not corroded.

3)Third, the storage location of the planter should be in a dry warehouse. If conditions permit, the machine can be overhead and covered with tarpaulin to prevent the machine from being exposed to rain, moisture and exposure.

The above is the problem to be paid attention to when storing the transplanter. In order to maintain its use status, we must clearly remember these precautions. In addition, before using the planter again, it should be cleaned and overhauled, and the foot oil should be re-applied and the deformed and worn parts replaced.