How many ways does the corn harvester work?

2019-07-03 16:47:32

      Corn headers are an important part of corn harvesting machinery. In the use of the corn header, the work is carried out by combining with the wheat and rice harvesting machine, thereby reducing the difficulty of the work and effectively expanding the function of the harvester. At the same time, the process used in the corn header is different.

      Corn combine harvester: corn can be harvested, peeled and even threshed in one time, and at the same time as these operations can be achieved (25-29%), stalk placement or chopping and throwing, so Work efficiency is very high.

      Using the windrower: First of all, the corn stalks that have grown upright should be laid down. After a period of drying, the water content can reach a certain level, and we can continue to use the grain combine harvester equipped with the picker. Pick up the threshing.

      The corn harvester was replaced with a grain combine harvester, and the operations such as earing, threshing, separation and cleaning were completed at one time. The stalks in the ground are shredded with other machinery. Some corn headers are equipped with cutters, which are first cut down and the whole plant is fed into a threshing device of the combine harvester for threshing, separation and cleaning.

      From the above introduction, we can see that the harvesting process of the corn header is very much, each has its own characteristics and application, so the farmers should carefully discern when choosing.