Corn harvester daily problem solving solution

2019-07-03 16:50:24

      Everyone is going to use the corn harvester for drying, there will always be big and small problems, and sometimes even when there is a fire when using the corn harvester, what should we do? Let's find the answer with the daily solution to the corn harvester.

      In fact, most of these things happen because of the weather. When the weather is too dry and hot, the equipment will be easily exposed to fire and cause serious crop damage and personal safety after prolonged exposure or long use. Accidents, so they must be strictly guarded to avoid damage, which should be managed from the following aspects.

Corn harvester

      1, often maintenance of its equipment, can not ignore every small detail, and timely repair and replacement, in the engine and fuel tank after the discovery of dirt, need to be cleaned up;

      2. The engine main engine is equipped with a reliable Mars collector, and the ignition device of the gasoline engine is often started to avoid tempering of the carburetor during operation harvesting;

      3. When carrying out harvesting operations, frequently check the parts that are prone to high temperature, regularly add oil and add water. If there is flammable substance next to the operation, clean it in time.